Miramar Logistics International

Miramar Logistics International (MLI) is a globally integrated PMC (Private Military Company) and Human Resources company with core capabilities in protective services, mining, and fuel exports — specializing in the provision and placement of security and mining personnel.

MLI’s strategic partnership with the Chilean government and military is what sets us apart. Our immediate access to over 2,000 Special Forces operators, static guards, K-9 handlers, PSD, Convoy Escort, and Paramedics, is our defining faculty at Miramar.

Our contractors have served worldwide, including Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, and Haiti under the banner of the US Department of Defense and State with DynCorp, Triple Canopy, Blackwater, EODT, and AMK9, among others; MLI is responsible for the provision of Special Forces for the King of Abu Dhabi.

Our strength is in mobilizing and managing large numbers of security personnel on-site in high-risk environments, as well as providing maritime security, airborne operations, and strategic intelligence; our soldiers have been trained and conditioned to manage the most extreme climates, and in the most adverse and hostile environments.

MLI leverages decades of professional experience staffing personnel and providing logistical services that few can rival. Whether it’s understanding and assessing supply chain risks, staffing, or moving products in high-risk environments, we meet the needs of our clients quickly and efficiently. Through precise and proven methodologies, MLI analyzes, plans and delivers logistic solutions to our partners, regardless of the inherent risk relating to their requirements.

The mining industry is another core focus and strength at Miramar. MLI has partnered with many external organizations to supply duly qualified contractors who supplement and strengthen their workforce at mining sites worldwide. Codelco, one of MLI’s placement sites, is the world’s leading copper producer with more than $20.8 billion in assets.

Our mining industry services are beyond comprehensive. We provide production miners, engineers, security and safety advisors as well as business administration, IT and maintenance personnel. In addition to our HR capabilities, MLI also offers fuel and food exports, which gives us the cutting edge in our all-inclusive packaging for our partners.

Whether you are staffing a security contract, fulfilling HR requirements at a mining site, or seeking quality food, fuel, or ammunition exports, MLI offers the most competitive and resourceful solution for you.