Miramar Logistics International (MLI) provides export and corporate security risk advisory services to government institutions, companies, and individuals worldwide. Our firm’s services include:


  • Static Guards
  • Convoy Escort
  • Military Paramedics
  • PSD
  • Executive Protection
  • Travel risk management
  • K-9 Handlers
  • Investigations
  • Intelligence Collection & Analysis
  • Airborne Operations
  • Diving Operations
  • Red Cell / Threat Assessment
  • Crisis management
  • Marine and port security
  • Protective services training


  • Full-scope Staffing & HR Capabilities. More
  • Gas & Oil supply
  • Physical & Software Security Technology



  • Gas & Oil
  • Military Sales & Products (subject to ITAR)
  • Food (MRE, seafood, fruits, wine, grains)
  • SeaChange LLC (Organic oil spill solution)



MLI’s Board of Directors and contractors have worked for the Department of Defense, U.S. State Department, DoD of Australia, DynCorp, EODT, Triple Canopy, BlackWater, and the United Nations, among other private entities.  MLI’s Director of Operations is responsible for building the army for the King of Abu Dhabi.

MLI operates globally and is supported by three regional offices:  San Diego, CA, Santiago, Chile, and Kabul Afghanistan.