Miramar’s world-class leadership and management team is comprised of experts with decades of unique experience from U.S. and South American government service, work in the private sector, and business management. MLI’s Team aims to set the bar for a level of unparalleled operational excellence and international cooperation against which all other companies in the industry are measured.


Co-Founder, Managing Director

Strategic, analytical, and customer-and solution-focused professional. Harvard-educated entrepreneur with documented success delivering business growth and tactical solutions addressing challenges in diverse industries.  Expertise in the total management of bringing multidimensional USG and private sector projects to life, and leading high-performance teams and coalitions with key industry partners.

Pelletier has participated in the development and execution of highly sensitive security detail and Intelligence operations as assigned by the U.S. Department of Defense, DHS, and other government agencies. He graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in Behavioral Psychology, and later went on for advanced degree studies in Strategic Intelligence and International Security. His continued education also includes CME modules in Disaster Medicine and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons from Harvard Medical School.  Pelletier has over ten years Executive Protection experience (CONUS/OCONUS) as detail lead for visiting foreign nationals, dignitaries, Hollywood celebrities (Golden Globes, Oscars®), HNWI, and the Saudi Crown Royal family.  He is the co-founder of Miramar Logistics and currently serves as Managing Director.


Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Mendoza, MLI Co-Founder, has over 20 years experience in strategic military and staffing solutions.  After receiving his Bachelors in Military Science and History and advanced studies in Preparation and Formulation of Defense Projects, Mendoza went on to serve in the Army for 9 years, and later the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for another 9 years.  His training  and experience includes: armor vehicle and convoy driving, CQB, PSD driving, Counter terrorism operations, small unit tactics, PSD Close Protection, EODT Iraq PSD driving, and DynCorp Afghanistan PSD advanced training. His force protection includes PSD operations in Iraq for the DoD, and commanding a battalion of Chilean Special Forces soldiers in Kirkuk Iraq at the oil well zone — protecting the facilities of North Oil Company and Boots & Coots Fire Fighters with Triple Canopy.

Mendoza’s experience also includes protection for the son of Afghanistan President, Hashmat Karzai (2008-09), and a member of the PSD team for the Chilean President & Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army.  Mendoza was also in charge of the recruitment for the UAE Head of State, and handlers for American K-9 DoD contracts.


Regional Manager / Board Member

LTC (R) Robert Schaefer was NBC’s on-air Security Analyst for their official coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and served as a U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret), diplomat, and senior analyst specializing in the Eurasia region. He has extensive experience with counterinsurgency and counter-terrorist operations around the world and has lived and worked in many countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as a diplomat and adviser to foreign governments and militaries. He is the recipient of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and the Office of Strategic Services Society’s Award of Excellence (The Singlaub Award) as the U.S. Special Operations Command Person of the Year for his historic achievements with Russian airborne forces and is one of the very few Special Operations soldiers to be mentioned by name in the official SOCOM history.

Schaefer obtained his M.A. from Harvard University’s Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia program and serves on the Editorial Board for the Caucasus Survey, as well as a consultant to several government agencies, universities, and a contributor to major media outlets (CNN, NPR, BBC, VOA, and others). His critically-acclaimed book “The Insurgency in Chechnya and the North Caucasus” won multiple national awards and was named to Kirkus Reviews “Best of 2011,” and the “Top 150 Books on Terrorism and Counterterrorism”. 


Recruitment Manager

Mr. Lara operates as MLI’s Recruitment Manager, stationed in Santiago Chile, for placement of construction, mining, and Special Forces personnel around the world.  He joins the team with thirty (30) years experience in the Chilean Army as a Sergeant Major, serving in the capacity of PSD, K-9 handler, and armor calvary.  Among Lara’s numerous staffing contracts for the U.S. Department of Defense, and the King of Abu Dhabi, he spent two (2) years in Lima Peru working for UAE’s Head of State, recruiting more than 3000 Special Forces soldiers.  Contact Mr. Lara at: mlara@miramarlogistics.com / +56 9 5607 7566