Production Miners 82%
Mining Engineers 66%
Safety Advisors 44%
Core Handlers 60%
Information and technolgoy specialists 73%

Miramar Logistics’ mining capabilities include workforce placement worldwide in all areas of professional expertise, conditions, and mining materials. We work with many external companies to supply skilled contractors who supplement and strengthen the Miramar workforce. For inquiries regarding contractor and vendor work, please contact MLI’s Procurement Manager.


Service Workforce

Business Administration

Information & Technology





logo1MLI’s Strategic Partner, Phalanx designs, engineers, and integrates the most technologically advanced equipment and services, as well as provides innovative and superior solutions that cost less now – and over time. Founded by Special Operations and Intelligence personnel, senior diplomats, and successful venture capitalists, Phalanx has extensive experience working at the highest levels of business and government in the U.S. and throughout the world.

With over one hundred years of years of experience developing customized solutions in austere or politically-sensitive environments using everything from horses to the world’s most advanced software, Phalanx specializes in taking advantage of the newest “best of breed” technologies and integrating them with your existing legacy systems in order to deliver a customized solution that is tailored for Miramar’s mining contracts.

Phalanx provides an integrated suite of technology, risk advisory, and security consulting services to address threats, mitigate exposure, and prevent loss to U.S. and multi-national companies, private individuals, non-governmental organizations and government entities. We provide comprehensive risk mitigation services, loss prevention, and management solutions to protect your company or organization, its people, its facilities, and its networks.